HEAD Bikes SA Sponsored Athlete

They did it! We were proud to have been part of Pieter’s journey, and this good cause. The 2 200 km journey over 6 days on gravel and tarred roads, meant that the riders endured 18 hour days, and covered close to 400kms a day. The ride was eventful, with dramatic weather conditions, all-terrain and some route changes in the mix.
 As well as completing the challenge, the riders broke a Guinness World Record for the longest Strava drawing by a cyclist. The drawing was of a digital ECG heart and was nearly 800km in size. Both the challenge and the record helped
 to raise awareness about heart (cardiac) health.
As part of the campaign, Phillips funded 25 Phillips HeartStart Automated external defibrillators(AEDs) that will be placed in public locations across South Africa. The Heart Stroke Foundation have identified high-risk areas that will benefit from the placement of the AEDs.